REST 2020


Dear Worship Leader,

The health of your life, your heart, and your song are vital to the mission of the Church. We must fight for margin in the midst of our crazy schedules.  I know for me I got so busy doing church work for so many years that I let busyness and striving to make a name for myself sometimes crowd out true intimacy with God. When I finally came to the end... God let me know the simple power of His perfect love for me and it changed everything. 

Whether you're burned out, isolated, about to give up, or you’ve got your second wind, I want to invite you to be a part of a gathering that will change your life and remind you that you are loved and not alone from wherever you serve.

For the past few years, worship leaders from all over the U.S. have gathered with us for the Worship Circle REST Retreat. It’s a time for you to get away from doing to just be. You’ll be led in worship by Kim Walker-Smith, Pat Barrett, Meredith Andrews, Kari Jobe, Tasha Cobbs Leonard, Charlie Hall, and Paul Baloche and myself. You’ll hear teaching that will change your life and way of doing ministry.

We put a cap on how many people get in because we want the experience to be intimate for all involved. You’ll meet leaders who’ll become friends for life and you’ll be able to have meals and conversations with all of our team.

Would you pray about jumping in with us? We’re here for you and we can’t wait to see you in Georgia, January 28-30, 2020 for REST. 


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Join Todd Fields, Kim Walker-Smith, Pat Barrett, Meredith Andrews, Kari Jobe, Tasha Cobbs Leonard, Charlie Hall, and Paul Baloche in the North Georgia Mountains for a 3-day retreat, along with leaders from all over the world to REST in the knowledge that you are LOVED and NOT ALONE. 


January 28-30, 2020


Cleveland, GA - Approximately one hour north of Downtown Atlanta

How much?

Tickets are $499. Cost includes all lodging, meals, sessions, and conference materials. Registration will open on July 30th at 2:00 PM EDT


What happens during REST?

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By nature, your job is to make sure every element of worship is thought through, planned and executed with excellence. At REST, all of that is taken off of you so that you can WORSHIP. 



You'll hear from the coaches, as well as other speakers, who will encourage you to reconnect with Jesus. Your spiritual health is so important...You'll learn how to keep yourself healthy. 

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Get away for a few days and spend some time in REST. No agendas. No pressure. New friends. You pour yourself out every weekend. REST is a chance to recharge and prepare to press on.